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TrueIdentity is trusted by more than 1 million people to help protect their identity

SAFE & EASY - Lock your report with the touch of a button. Make it available to creditors with another touch.
ABSOLUTELY FREE - Everyone should have identity protection and no one should have to pay for it.
Trusted Source - TransUnion is the only major bureau with a free identity and credit protection offering.

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There’s only one you. Let’s keep it that way.

Whether you’re online or out in the world, we want you to be who you are, confidently and comfortably. That means knowing you have your very own identity protection — free of worry, free of charge. That’s the idea behind TrueIdentity.

With TrueIdentity 100% Free Identity Protection, you’re in control, in the know and informed wherever life takes you.

  • Worried your TransUnion credit report might be at risk? Lock it on your phone with a swipe and it stays locked until you unlock it with another swipe.
  • Someone applying for credit in your name? We send you an email, phone notification or text (your choice) the instant we find out.
  • Anxious to find out anytime there’s a critical change to your TransUnion credit information? Don’t worry, we’ll email you so you can log in, refresh in seconds and see the latest.


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