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It’s 100% FREE and backed by TransUnion!

Free Means Free. Here's Why

In just minutes you could:


Detect suspicious account activity with full, 24/7 TransUnion report access & UNLIMITED updates.


Lock thieves out of your TransUnion credit report with a click of the mouse or a smartphone swipe.


Relax knowing you have alerts, identity theft insurance and fraud resolution guidance.

Identity protection for free? Why?

Yes. We feel very strongly that identity protection has become a necessity, not a luxury. We created TrueIdentity because we believe everyone should be able to protect their personal information and credit. And nobody should have to pay for it.

Is TrueIdentity really free? No catches?

That’s right, it’s simply…free. Creating your account takes just a couple of minutes, and you will not be asked for your credit card. There’s no trial period and there are no hidden fees. You can keep your free identity protection for as long as you like…and it’ll still be free.

Ok, then how do you make money?

Good question. When you have TrueIdentity, you’ll have the option, but not the obligation, to upgrade to TrueIdentity Premium. It’s an advanced level of protection we offer for $9.99/mo. But to be clear, there’s no pressure to upgrade, and your fully free identity protection is always activated. We happen to think TrueIdentity is a strong level of protection for most people.

Going without identity protection may come at a price. TrueIdentity won’t.