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Identity Theft Protection Product Features


With the swipe of your finger or the click of a mouse, you decide when your TransUnion credit report is available and when it’s off-limits.

You have different needs at different times. With TrueIdentity’s 1-touch Credit Lock, you won’t need to worry. Sometimes you may need to lock your TransUnion credit report — if you suspect specific suspicious activity or simply for peace of mind — and other times, you may need to unlock your report to apply for credit. You decide with a simple swipe or click.


Seconds. That’s how long it takes us to send you an Instant Alert anytime we find out someone’s applying for credit in your name.

TrueIdentity sends you an Instant Alert anytime a credit check asks us for your report. If you’re the one applying for credit, the Instant Alert provides nice confirmation and peace of mind. If it’s a thief applying for credit in your name, that Instant Alert may be the information you need to detect identity theft & protect against credit fraud when every second matters.


Strange names, addresses or accounts listed on your TransUnion credit report? They may be your first or only signs of suspicious, possibly fraudulent activity. That’s why we keep you informed.

With TrueIdentity, you get 24/7 access to your TransUnion credit report with UNLIMITED refreshes. We also email you alerts anytime your TransUnion report changes in a critical way. Best of all, you can securely log into your account online or through our app — all free, always free. It’s how we help you get the information you need, when you need it, where you need it, and how you need it